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When it comes to fence installation in Gold Coast residences, (company name) is the one to rely on; we are a fence company with over a decade of experience. If you are in need of customised fencing solutions, call us at (phone number) and be amazed at what we can accomplish for you. When it comes to fencing, we acknowledge that every homeowner has his or her preferences as well as purpose in installing one. It does not have to be exclusively about privacy or setting boundaries. Modern fence designs and materials can also dress up an outdoor area or front yard.

So, are you planning to invest in a fence for your private property soon? Let us be your partner for the project; we won’t disappoint. Our customer service team can answer your call during business hours. Dial (phone number) or you can also email us at (email address) for your additional queries.

Residential Fence Installation

Every home or private property has unique fencing needs. If you are unsure or clueless about what you need, (company name) is here to help you make the right decision. Our residential fencing Gold Coast services begin with a conversation with the client. We are committed to serving every client that comes to us to get help with residential fencing, and you are no exception to that. Obtain our free estimate online, or you can call us at (phone number).

Our residential fence installation starts with letting the client decide which material to use. We handle fencing installation using aluminium, PVC, wrought iron, wood varieties, vinyl, and others. Since we hope you’d be delighted with our work, we give you the freedom to choose which material you want.

  1. Aluminium – Aluminium is a standard material used in making a fence that requires almost zero maintenance. The stuff is easy to paint and decorate, but it is not as resilient as others when it comes to weather exposure.
  2. Wood – We recommend wood as the material for building fence because it looks attractive. The natural look of wood makes it the ideal choice for property owners looking to install a fence mainly for aesthetics. The only drawback is that if you have a large fencing project, it will cost a lot if you use wood.
  3. PVC – Arguably the cheapest material for residential fencing is PVC. But an affordable price does not correspond to inferior quality. PVC is more than capable of serving the purpose of a fence, and it costs less than aluminium and wood, both of which are already affordable.
  4. Wrought Iron – Fences made from wrought iron are beautiful to look at, and the material is sturdy and resilient. If you choose a wrought iron fence, we gladly will accommodate your request. However, be reminded that its primary downside is that it requires a lot of effort to maintain since you need to sand and repaint it every two years.

If it’s time to build a fence on your private property, call (company name) at (phone number). Complete this form if you have some more questions about our residential fencing Gold Coast services. We love to hear from you!